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About the partnership 

Do you feel passionately about supporting and empowering other women?  Would you like to help balance the scales for women in the workplace by raising awareness of perimenopause & menopause, so that they can be correctly supported to remain in the careers they love?


Perhaps you have experienced some of the challenges that come with managing menopause symptoms whilst at work. Maybe you are looking for flexibilty and choice when it comes to the hours that you want to work whilst maintaining a level of financial freedom.

The training has been designed to give you more information than you need, to empower you to feel confident in delivering CPD accredited Menopause training and support within the workplace and community.


Once completed, you will become a licensed HOTB menopause training partner, with all the autonomy of being self employed but without feeling like you are out there on your own.  Under the HOTB umbrella,  you will have access to training materials, slides, handouts, client proposal templates, social media templates and ongoing business support. 


If you would like to join a team of likeminded people, working together to share our collective knowledge and experiences to empower and enable other women to have a more positive menopause experience, then I would love to hear from you!


Get in touch using the form below for an informal chat.  

Sophie Cartledge 
Founder of Hormones on the blink 


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