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Hi, I am Sophie.  I am a qualified Peri to Post menopause coach. I first realised I was perimenopausal when I was 41. I was ill prepared and wrongly thought that menopause symptoms were something you didn't need to worry about until you were in your 50's .

The symptoms I experienced greatly impacted my personal relationships, my family and my work.  I really struggled to get the right help and instead was offered anti-depressants or contraceptive pills as a solution. It took a lot of reading, researching and talking to other women to finally find the answers I needed. 


I discovered along the way that there are hundreds of thousands of women out there also fighting the same battle and without the right support. As a result their careers, personal relationships and overall quality of life are also negatively impacted.


According to a study run by Dr Louise Newson - Menopause specialist "99% of women felt their menopause or perimenopause symptoms had a negative impact on their careers, 59% had taken time off work – 18% for more than eight weeks."

I have now been able to access the right help which has enabled me to set up Hormones on the blink to share my experience and retrain with Burrell Education to provide Menopause workshops for both women and men in the workplace .

I am very passionate about sharing evidence based information so that others can be better prepared for a more positive midlife experience benefiting both their work and personal life. 


I started cold water swimming in April 2021 to try and help with my perimenopause symptoms. I have found this to be a great way of managing my symptoms and have found an amazing community of other women in the process. 

To read more, please follow my story here on instagram....
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